Bangladesh is one of the worlds most densely populated country. 160 million people are crowded onto low lying land where annual monsoon floods contaminate water sources and leaves millions desperately in need of clean drinking water. Bangladesh is prone to many natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding, climate change etc. If the water sources are dirty or contaminated with harmful bacteria, fatal diseases spread quickly and the effects are devastating.

Despite the efforts of many NGOs there are still over 21 million Bangladeshi’s whom lack access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Over 4 million children die from water borne diseases every year. Contaminated water puts many millions at risk every day.

Water is so important, it is considered much more than just a drink to quench your thirst. It is needed to cook food, grow crops, livestock and for hygienic purposes.

By donating towards the building of a water pump, it will bring relief to a whole community and ease their long-term suffering. It will curb the spread of many water borne diseases. Having access to clean water can have a positive impact and an economical advantage.

Many of us have the privilege to take full advantage of the water we have in our homes, but we forget how powerful it really is. Giving the power of water to the people of Bangladesh, will bring hope into their hearts, and bring change to their lives- we can give them the same advantage we have.

With your help we can raise the money needed to build wells, and other water projects at schools; medical centers, and other public places in this underdeveloped nation. You will physically see where every penny is spent, and you will be able to see the outcome of it on the faces of those being given the gift of water.

Donating money will enable us to do the construction needed to provide much needed clean and safe water pumps. We will also take the extra time to mobilize, train, and follow up with local communities to ensure a long-term success.

  • 100% donation policy
  • £200 per water pump
  • Each pump will provide for several families
  • Your own message on the plaque

“Over 21 million people in Bangladesh still lack access to clean water and sanitation”.

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