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Sponsoring a Child

63 million people in Bangladesh are living below the poverty line, which means there are a huge amount of families living on very few essentials. These families will often have to ration for essentials between themselves and the hopes of good education and careers are beyond imagination. 1 in 4 children are deprived from at least 4 of the following: food, education, health, sanitation, shelter and water (Unicef). That’s a large proportion of society that will become, if survived, uneducated, and unemployed and remain in poverty.

However, you can change their journey and make it an enriched adventure to embark on. By sponsoring a child you will provide them with safe and healthy standards of accommodation, nourishing food, uniforms, school essentials such as books and stationary and most importantly, an invaluable education. One which they can use to benefit themselves, their families, generations to come, wider society and one that will contribute to your Sadaqah.

We Have Sponsored:


Every child is unique and deserves the chance to dream, to achieve incredible things and to look forward to a wonderful future.

Sponsor a Child Today

  • 100% donation policy,
  • £20 per child a month
  • All educational and accommodation needs provided

Help empower and liberate these children, by giving them a future they would never have considered. A simple donation for you is a life-changing opportunity for them.

You will also receive an annual update of your sponsored child, with photographs and reports of their well-being and educational success. Sponsor a child today, by donating here.


Paypal donations to:

Bank transfers to:
Barclays Bank UK
Account Name – Education and Care Project
Ac no – 30648531
Sort Code – 20-57-06

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