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"The best charity is giving water to drink."

Sunan Ibn Majah 3684

Clean Water

No human being should have to go without safe and clean water. A staggering 60% of the population in Bangladesh drink unsafe water which can cause a multitude of health problems, including mortality. Bangladesh also has extreme seasonal weather such as monsoons and droughts which have further implications on access to clean water, and destroys existing water facilities. Groundwater level is also contaminated with high levels of arsenic which can cause severe poisoning, and thus the most appropriate method of delivering water is deep tube wells.

We Have Installed:

Tube Wells

Every donation will ensure more people have access to clean water.

Donate to Build a Tube Well

  • 100% donation policy
  • £200 per water pump
  • Each pump will provide for several families
  • Your own message on the plaque

Access to safe drinking water can transform lives. The gift of a tube well will ensure that 3-4 families have access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking. 

Tube wells are manually operated and can lift water from about 30 metres beneath the ground. They are designed to last at least 10 years and can be easily maintained by the beneficiary.

The wells are located in convenient locations, often between a cluster of houses.

Click here to see the locations of where we have currently installed the donated tube wells.


Paypal donations to:

Bank transfers to:
Barclays Bank UK
Account Name – Education and Care Project
Ac no – 30648531
Sort Code – 20-57-06

Tube Well Installed by Educare Project

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