Educare Project distributed blankets

For the last 60 years, the Muslims in Burma have been vilified, mass murdered and a continued reign of terror unleashed upon them by the Buddhist monks and the Burmese authority.  The New York Times calls it the “21st Century concentration camps”.  A Burmese Buddhist scholar, Dr. Maung Zarni, calls it “a hidden genocide”.

A fascist monk, Wirathu urges the mass murder of Muslims to cleanse Burma, the Burmese President, Thein Sein, admires Wirathu and calls him as “the son of Lord Buddha.”  This is the plight and the situation of Muslims in Burma.

In an UN report describes the Muslims of Burma the most persecuted people on Earth.  Multiple reports and pictures showing Muslims being drowned, burned, chopped and hanged openly.

Education and Care project have distributed blankets, medicine, nutritional food for mothers and pregnant women as doctors in the camp recommended, the majority of the women that are pregnant are malnutrition which severely effects pregnancy and the health of the mother and child.

We have also contributed to circumcision to those children/adults wishing to be circumcised.  This is something we did not plan, but whilst distribution of relief work some of the people requested help and assistance.




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