Education in time of crisis

Bangladesh still follows the traditional three-tier education system introduced by the British during colonial rule. This comprises the primary level (Years 1-5), the secondary level (Years 6-12) and the tertiary levels (Years 13-16). The secondary level has recently been re-structured with Years 6-8 being re-grouped into the junior level and subsumed under the primary tier. The current secondary level covers four years of schooling comprising secondary (Years 9-10) and the higher secondary (Years 11-12).

The English Curriculum and Text books are provided by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB). The textbooks titled ‘English For Today’ are a series which run from grade 1-12. English is a compulsory subject on the curriculum. Some major developments took place in the 1990s to improve English language teaching and learning at the SSC and HSC level.

There is a entry level examination at the end of primary level (Year 5): the Primary School Certificate Examination (PSC). Then there is three public examinations at the secondary level: the Junior School Certificate Examination (JSC) at the end of Year 8, the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) at the end of Year 10, and the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) at the end of Year 12. These examinations are organized and administered by the seven Education Boards located in the major districts of the country, Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore, Rajshahi, Barisal and Sylhet. The SSC and HSC public examinations are considered high-stake as they perform a gate-keeping function for university entrance and career paths.

The JSC, SSC and HSC examinations consist of two papers each. There are two written papers of three hours’ duration weighted at 100 marks each. The test items cover course book items, reading comprehension, grammar items and various guided writing and free tasks.

Our main focus is to introduce year 8 in Educare Kapura School, Sylhet, by 2017.

We plan to have a rigorous and robust assessment system, which will include 3 term exams and weekly class test for primary and junior levels, which will be carefully monitored regularly.

Our syllabus will include:
Bangla ‘stage 1 & 2’, English ‘stage 1 & 2’, Maths ‘stage 1 & 2’, Arabic ‘stage 1 & 2’, Quran and Social Sceince & General Science. We will introduce I.T for Junior levels.

For 20,000 BDT a month we can teach about 130 students.

By participating in a project like this, you really get a sense of where your money is going and its impact. Knowing we are helping to provide educational opportunities to young kids who may become the future leaders of Bangladesh is truly phenomenal.




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