Latest Update

EduCareProject has managed to do many charitable projects over the past few years, making huge changes to impoverished communities in Bangladesh. We have given the poor access to clean water, and support during winter, whilst feeding people during Ramadan, and finally staying committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

By supporting education in less developed countries, it is contributing to the vital effort of getting the younger generation out of poverty. We need to give the youth the necessary support and skills to find work after completing their education, and most importantly, utilizing the things they have learned.

Recently we have started an appeal for donors to support our education system by setting up a standing order monthly or weekly, for as little as £3 a week or £10 a month. Whatever little you can manage could be big in the eyes of Allah.

Your donations will enable us to:
• Enrol more students to further their educational ambitions…
• Assist towards teachers salary.
• Contribute towards School maintenance.
• Build new Schools and extend existing ones.

Remember ‘Sadaqa does not decrease your wealth’.

Bank: Barclays Bank
Account: Education & Care Project
AC number: 30648531
Sort Code: 20-57-06
Please use reference: ‘Education




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