Rohingya Update

Alhamdulillah, EduCare Project has been able to supply winter essentials and medical aid to over thousands of Rohingya people with the valuable support from our donors. We have managed to raise over thousands of pounds that is contributing to the aid and support we are distributing to the most affected areas and to those most in need. EduCare Project is working closely with other charities to ensure that the right care is reaching the right people; ensuring hardship is eased for some.

We have distributed blankets for the refugees to stay warm, food parcels to sustain their basic human needs and medical care to protect them from harm and further injury.

Rohingya Refugees Face Threats

Donate for Rohingya Winter Appeal

We are making a small change to this deeply troubled part of the world, and the only way this can continue is with your help, and generous donations.

There are still elderly that need urgent assistance, and there are young that need protection and nourishment. Charity should have no distinction between people, but due to lack of resources, we have to prioritise, meaning that there are some who are not getting what they need.

You can be the change. Donate for Rohingya Winter Appeal

For us to remain on the ground and continue providing for these people, we need your help. To support us you can donate here and for updates, you can visit our social media pages.

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