Keeping warm in Winter

In February 2015, in a small village of poverty stricken Bangladesh, women and men, young and old including children with no shoes, or proper clothing were given the hope of having warmer days. Alhamdulillah EducareProject held their winter blanket distribution in Kalnichor, Sylhet, which was a huge success, with blankets being distributed to over hundreds, and many smiles spread over many different faces.

For the people of Bangladesh, the winter can be a daunting concept that many dread. Mothers often worry about how to keep their children warm and flu free, fathers will often worry about working in such cold conditions and the children know no better than to endure the suffering they have never been taken out of. With the thick, high quality guaranteed blankets, people were given the chance of leading a much warmer winter life and seeing the hardworking brothers reignited their hope in humanity.

1 line of men, and the other of women and children, there was no pushing, shouting or greed – and some selflessly allowed the elderly to go before them, there is most definitely a lesson to be learnt about generosity from the people who have nothing to give. There was warmth to the atmosphere as young children were squealing with excitement, filling the air with excitement, women hiding their smiles with the end of their scarves and sarees, whilst the men stood discussing work and life matters, bringing a natural and busy buzz that was appreciated by those foreign to their own Motherland.

As the one photographing the distribution, I had mixed emotions to those who came to collect their blankets with a token as their faces showed a shared story that seemed to be told by everyone there. There was endless tire that could be seen in the creases of their faces, a sense of sadness, mixed with a glimmer of shining hope when they were close to the top of the line, concluded with deep satisfaction and cosy happiness when they would grab and hug their blankets as if it were a new born.

There was endless thanking, and eagerness to be put on the list for the next distribution, a sign of gratitude as well as a sign of plea to not be forgotten about again. What we can and should take away from this, is that whilst we sit here, in the comfort of our warm homes, there is the person you see in these photos, in the exact opposite situation as you. It makes you wonder and appreciate how close to Allah they must be in order to be needy, yet content, uncomfortable beggars, yet never questioning their destiny. Despite their hardships, their character and behaviour is inspirational and makes you think, if they had better quality of life – what would they have brought to the Ummah?

One of the core beliefs that EducareProject holds is that everyone deserves to have an equal quality of life – and with your donations towards the winter blanket distribution, we have come one step further to this ultimate goal.

Jazakamullahu Khairan for your continuous support and generosity.


Meanha Begum



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